Finisterre is a tiny fishing village on the Costa del morte- the coast of death- about 50 miles from Santiago. For pilgrims it is a three day walk to the lighthouse and cliffs at the end of a long spit of land.

Arriving at the Atlantic Ocean, pilgrims would swim in the sea, burn their smelly clothes, put on new clothing and begin their arduous journey home. They would pick up a scallop shell from the beach as proof that they had finished their pilgrimage at the end of the world.

For them it was a baptism if you will- a washing off of the old life and putting on a fresh clean new start.

I liked the symbolism of this so at the end of my first Camino I walked alone to Finisterre. It was an adventure to say the least.

Thanks to the wonders of the iPhone, I am able to share this with you.

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