Capital Campaign

Our Opportunity

We want to provide a place where pilgrims may ponder the effects of this life changing experience. We want to ensure they will return home, renewed, refreshed, and equipped to continue on their individual pilgrimages of life.

Hospitality & Welcome

The Centre will provide space to accommodate retreats, lectures, and classes.

The Anglican Centre will reflect the dual functions of providing hospitality to pilgrims and meeting the needs and expectations of organizers and attendees. A place where pilgrims can share and reflect on their spiritual journeys and life transformations. A place for hospitality and reflection – to refresh the body, mind, and spirit.

Formation & Retreat

The Centre will include a Chapel where clergy from various denominations can celebrate holy communion for their groups.

Accommodations for youth and young adult parish groups.

Clergy and others seeking sabbatical, or retreat will be able to stay for extended periods of time.

We will offer classes rooted in the indigenous Spanish culture as well as the three religions Christianity, Judaism, and Islam that co-existed in medieval Spain.

Healing & Celebration

The Centre will be a place of healing of traumatic experiences, healing of the body, healing of relationships, and a place of spiritual renewal.

A place to celebrate anniversaries and to celebrate and deepen relationships with adult children and grandchildren.

Ecumenical & Inclusive

The centre will include a Chapel where male and female clergy can celebrate holy communion for their groups.

A safe and welcoming space for other faith groups to gather and celebrate according to their traditions.