Henry R. Garner, Jr.

Henry R. Garner, Jr. was born and raised in the United States Panama Canal Zone territory. He first heard of the Camino in the early 1960’s from his parish priest who had visited Santiago de Compostela. Henry gained inspiration from the stories of the challenging and at times difficult journey that included walking long distances, and the joy of meeting hundreds of pilgrims from different countries and cultures who spoke numerous languages. To imagine the millions who journeyed on these same pilgrimage routes since the Middle Ages – pilgrims who paid homage to Saint James, prayed, and felt cleansed and rejuvenated in their faith! Henry often reflects on how remarkable it is that pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela continues to this day and firmly believes in supporting and preserving the Camino for future generations. Henry has traveled to Santiago de Compostela and he has experienced the energy from the crowds and the spirit of Saint James. Following a 33-year career with a global textile manufacturing and sourcing company where he led teams responsible for strategic planning, business development, sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution; Henry is a retired executive vice president for sales and marketing. Henry holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In addition to serving on the Friends of the Anglican Centre Board, Henry is a member of the board for the House of the Redeemer in New York, NY where he serves on the Personnel and Executive Committees and as Chair of the Property Committee. Henry also serves on the board of the New York Altar Guild, as a member of the Reserve Closet and Bylaws Committees. As a member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Jackson Heights, NY, Henry is the congregation’s current senior warden, and he serves as the Chair of the Finance/Budget Committee, Interim Chair of the Stewardship Committee, and Chair of Building and Grounds Committee. Henry’s direct, decisive enthusiasm for people is contagious and he will be a welcomed addition as a member of the Friends Advisory Board.