On June 2, Edie Morrill and Nancy Weidinger joined our fellow Board Member, the Rev. Spencer Reece, at the parish of Calvary-Saint George in New York City, for an evening of song and poetry to raise funds and awareness for the library in the Anglican Centre to be named in honor of the girls of Our Little Roses in Honduras.  Opera singer Lily Arbisser, Presidential Inaugural poet Richard Blanco, singer and songwriter Lily Blue, and composer Laura Jobin-Acosta spoke to us through song and verse about the girls of the Little Roses. Film Director Brad Coley, founder and President of Our Little Roses Ministries Dr. Diana Frade, and her husband Bishop Leo Frade, spoke of their transformative work of sheltering and educating hundreds of abused and neglected girls in Honduras. 

Fathers Spencer Reece and Jacob Smith and I, spoke of the life-changing effects of the Camino de Santiago and the need for an Anglican Pilgrim Centre in Santiago. The evening ended with the more than 50 attendees enjoying refreshments and convivial conversation. Please keep the Library Initiative and Our Little Roses Ministries in your prayers.

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