My name is Henry Cox and I live in Dublin, Ireland, where I serve on the Capital Campaign steering committee for the Friends of the Anglican Centre in Santiago de Compostela. We’re raising funds to open an ecumenical place in Santiago offering hospitality, healing, learning, hope, and love for Camino pilgrims. Over three hundred forty thousand walked the Camino in 2019. We intend to create a safe haven for them to relax, reflect, and to share their stories with fellow pilgrims. My husband and I have begun a rainbow initiative to raise $300,000 for a room at the center dedicated to celebrating equality among all walkers. He and I have made a lead commitment toward meeting that goal and hope you will join us in making it a reality. It can be our way of promoting equality for future generations of pilgrims. Please prayerfully consider contributing to the rainbow initiative and helping accentuate hope, promise, peace, and equality for all Camino walkers. Thank you.

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