Last week Nancy Mead, our board president, and Rev Anna Noon, our pilgrim missioner in Santiago de Compostela, took time for a walking and working retreat together, confident in their lived experience of the line attributed to St. Augustine: “solvitur ambulando” – “it is solved by walking.” 

As we walked and talked, brainstormed and problem solved, a sense of gratitude and excitement propelled our steps. We are so encouraged by your prayers and support as we’ve begun our ministry on the ground in Santiago.  We are connecting with pilgrims from all around the world and across the Anglican Communion. We are sharing meals, worshipping together, providing for those in need, and celebrating journeys and transformations. Please view the collage above for scenes from our first few months of ministry on the ground. 

As we anticipate St. James’ Day celebrations on the 25th, we encourage you to get out there for a walk. Maybe even invite a friend to join you for that walk. As you walk and talk, we pray that you also are filled with a sense of gratitude and perhaps a bit of excitement for what the Spirit is doing, even in the midst of all that swirls around. Walking, sharing, worshipping, providing, celebrating… are “good ways.” 

Thank you for all the ways you are helping us make our dream of an Anglican Pilgrim Centre in Santiago a reality. 

Buen Camino! Nancy and Anna+

The music accompanying the above collage was performed by Vox Peregrini at Santa Susana’s.

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